A Classic Father’s Day Pairing

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Gourmet Burgers & Ponte Winery’s Sangiovese 2019

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with a great meal paired with great wine! A classic gourmet burger with our fan favorite, Sangiovese 2019 will surely make dad’s day extra special.
So, get ready to fire up the grill or let us do the cooking. 

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 Our Sangiovese 2019 is a testament to our winemaker’s craftsmanship. This remarkable red wine, known for its medium body and luscious notes of cranberries, red currant and fresh fig, perfectly complements the robust flavors of the burger with every bite. Cooking the burgers on a grill will impart a smoky flavor, creating a tantalizing aroma.

Crafting Ponte Inspired Burgers from Your Grill at Home

Step 1 

Using the highest quality ingredients, begin with an all-natural free-range beef, seasoned to perfection.  

Step 2 

Cook to your desired level of juiciness and top the patty with layers of smoked bacon and melted white cheddar cheese, adding a savory and smoky dimension.  

Step 3 

Enhance the burger’s richness with slices of creamy avocado and crispy red onion, offering a delightful crunch and subtle sweetness. Add a juicy tomato slice and a handful of fresh arugula, providing a vibrant and peppery bite.  

Step 4 

Elevate the flavors with a dollop of aioli, adding a creamy and tangy note. Finally combine the symphony of flavors as one with a soft brioche bun, bringing a touch of buttery indulgence.  

Complete the Father’s Day feast by serving side dishes that will enhance the complementary flavors. Consider crispy sweet potato fries or a fresh pasta salad. These additions will create a well-rounded culinary experience that is sure to treat dad’s palate. 

Savor every moment as dad and all your loved ones gather around the table. Raise a glass of our to toast Dad’s extraordinary presence in your life, and appreciate the delectable union of wine, burgers, and great company. 

Gift Dad with Sangiovese from Ponte Winery

Extend your Father’s Day celebration beyond the meal by surprising Dad with a bottle or two of our Sangiovese. This thoughtful gift will allow him to relish the flavors of this remarkable wine at his leisure, reminding him of the love and appreciation he receives every day.

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