At Ponte we make a diligent effort to partner with sustainable companies. We are always glad to hear when one is making smart, sustainable improvements.

Our partners at UPS recently contacted us with great news. They happily announced the addition of 48 new liquid natural gas vehicles to their fleet. These vehicles will be carrying cargo in California and Utah (who knows, they may even deliver your wine club shipment!). These new trucks will help save nearly 1.25 million gallons of petroleum annually. Good work UPS!

Sometimes it is hard to tell which companies are really dedicated to the cause. Luckily a little research on the web can find great resources like this Newsweek article which lists the environmental rankings of top 10 American companies. Some of these include Nike, Yahoo, Adobe, Johnson and Johnson and Dell.

Are there any companies that you’ve seen going the extra mile for sustainability? Or maybe you know a website that lists green companies and products? Please let us know! Together we can spread the word and support these sustainable companies.

Check out our list for a list of some of our tips and references for being sustainable at home.

Nick Webster
Environmental Guru and Winemaking Assistant